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 all photos taken in Strathdearn

Greylag mother & chicks Greylag mother & chicks Narrow Bordered Bee Hawk Moth Narrow Bordered Bee Hawk Moth woodpecker in cherry blossom woodpecker in cherry blossom sparrowhawk catches starling sparrowhawk catches starling Roe Deer Fawn Roe Deer Fawn Bullfinch Bullfinch Creeping Ladies Tresses Creeping Ladies Tresses Dipper Dipper Dunnock Dunnock Feral goats Feral goats Frogs Frogs Pheasant Pheasant Great spotted woodpecker Great spotted woodpecker Greenfinch Greenfinch Grey wagtail Grey wagtail Kestrel Kestrel Lapwing Lapwing Long tailed tit Long tailed tit Mail crossbill, back view Mail crossbill, back view Male crossbill, side view Male crossbill, side view Meadow pipit Meadow pipit Mountain hare Mountain hare red deer red deer Painted lady Painted lady Red grouse in winter Red grouse in winter Red kite Red kite Red squirrel Red squirrel Redwing Redwing Salmon after Finhorn spate Salmon after Finhorn spate Scotch argus butterfly Scotch argus butterfly sparrowhawk sparrowhawk Spotted flycatcher Spotted flycatcher Sundew Sundew Waxwing Waxwing Willow warbler Willow warbler Blackbird nest Blackbird nest Hedgehog eating a dried mouse Hedgehog eating a dried mouse Red deer (hind) Red deer (hind) Woodcock Woodcock Heron Heron

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