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Moy Matters

Moy MattersThis page is for all matters of interest to Moy residents, and in particular the activities of the Moy Sub-committee.

The Moy Sub-committee has been established by Strathdearn Community Developments (SCD) with the specific purpose of identifying projects for funding through the Strathdearn share of the Moy Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund. A full explanation of Key Tasks, Membership and Governance can be read in the pdf Terms of Reference (493 KB) .

The present membership, as agreed at the the first meeting of the Moy Sub Committee on the 29th November 2017 :
   Marian Hendry - Chair
   Iain Macdonald - Vice-chair
   John Clarke
   Alastair Fraser
   Jimmy Duncan - Strathdearn Community Developments representative
   Margaret Saunders - Strathdearn Community Council representative
The committee members want you to keep in touch and share all your ideas for improving Moy - big or small.  Don't keep them all to yourself! You can submit a comment below or send them to:
   The Company Secretary
   Strathdearn Hall
   Tomatin IV13 7YN
Moy Sub-Committee has its own folder in the Document Library where you can find minutes of meetings, background documents and the latest reports.

News, articles, and comments submitted by the committee or any Moy resident will appear below in date order, most recent at the top. Please send contributions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Your ideas matter ~ Big or small we want them all!

Children and young people - access to services & activities and where young people play key role in decision-making

  • wordcloud moy ideasImproved transport – within and out with Strathdearn
  • Activities on Loch Moy, coaching or fun days, canoeing etc

Carbon reduction - helping to tackle climate change

  • Log burners
  • Recycling bins/recycling area
  • Opportunity for residents to install solar panels
  • Electric car charging points
  • Insulation for homes for all interested residents
  • Other micro renewables
  • Double glazing schemes
  • Ground source heat pumps
  • Energy efficiency checks/reviews on all properties & recommendations

Vulnerable/elderly people - increasing access to services & facilities

  • Improved transport – within and out with Strathdearn

Community regeneration - improving health & education, reducing crime, regenerating employment, housing & physical environment

  • Maintenance of existing paths around loch and creation of new
  • Car parking for access to Moy Loch
  • Neighbourhood enhancement – help people paint their houses etc
  • Community benches
  • Solar lights in bus shelters
  • Outdoor curling rink

Community buildings - maintaining and developing widely used buildings

  • BBQ hut/meeting area
  • Purchasing/obtaining community land

Self-help groups - community based groups delivering basic services

  • Old fallen trees to be cut up into logs and shared out
  • Clean up around Loch Moy to protect area and wildlife. Possibly employ person for community maintenance, walks. Local Ranger?
  • Septic tank community cleaning out

Moy ideas2The event on Monday night, hosted by the Moy sub-committee, was to enable residents from Moy, Ruthven, Lynebeg and Dalmagarry to come along and meet the committee and discuss ideas on what to do with the Moy Community Benefit Fund.

Around 30 people from the area gathered in the hall over tea and biscuits. Marian Hendry, Chair of the Moy sub-committee, welcomed everyone and Richard Cooling, Chair of Strathdearn Community Developments, gave a background to the Moy superfast ‘fibre to the premises’ broadband scheme: an example of a project that invested some of the wind farm money in upgrading local services. Javier Amores from Eneco, site manager of the Moy Wind Farm, and Robert Thorburn, Openreach digital partnership director for Scotland, talked about their experience of working with the community on the scheme. Several residents talked about the difference from their almost non-existent broadband service to being able to video call relatives down south now that they can choose from speeds of up to 300 mbps.

The evening continued with the chance to discuss both current and new projects for the community. Lots of good ideas were generated, some that can be implemented right away and others to look at in the long term. There were several categories considered: Health, Vulnerable and the Elderly, Children and Young People, Carbon Reduction, Environmental, Educational and Skills Development, Self-help Groups, Sustainability, Community Regeneration and Community Buildings. However, any idea counts, big or small and the committee would like to remind everyone that their ideas matter, so keep them coming!

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