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construction update smallVisit 09

Date : Wednesday 12th December

Weather : Temp 6°C, overcast.

Principal Contractor : Compass Building & Construction Services Ltd

Site Manager : Robbie Tewnion & Jake Reid

Time Lost : 3 days lost to wet trades (3rd Dec 0°C, 4th Dec -1.5°C, & 5th Dec -7°C)

Site Personnel

1 Site Manager + 1 Trainee Site Manager 2 Joiners 1 Lorry driver removing spoil 0 Ecologist 2 Groundworkers 0 Brick laying squad 1 Site Engineer

Sub Contractors Appointed

Shane MacLennan Groundworks Scotframe Kit supply & design Glulam Solutions Kit and glulam erection FP McCann Precast concrete supply & install. C MacPhee Bricklayer Gartec Lift supplier & installer.


Activities on site

Site establishment is in place. Toilets and welfare are available for use by site personnel.

Substructure blockwork is complete.

Casting of HD bolts and pads is complete. Bolt installation is tidy and has been well executed. Bolt pads have been stripped and bolts have been loosened and are free within the cones. Pads to be put back over the bolts to keep the pockets clean and free of debris. Shutters around the bolts pads have been struck.

Plinth for the base of the pre cast stair has been cast. Dowels have been cast in to the pad for continuity with the slab pour when it happens.

Joiners were forming internal shutters to sit on top of the bolt pads to allow the floor to be cast up to the bolt pads.

Construction of parking soakaways adjacent to the road are ongoing.

Photos of cleaned out bolt boxes to be forwarded by Site Manager

Upcoming Activities

Install subfloor drainage & service ducts

Upfill sub floor areas and prep for gf slab pour

Blockwork to the stairwell, install precast and complete stair blockwork.

Install Glulam and timber kit.

Progress car park works

  • The full report includes photos and diagrams which can't easily be separated from their original PDF format. Click HERE to view the full report.
  • An archive of these construction updates is available HERE.

Come and join us to raise funds for the new hall. Rabbie Burns Quiz

£5 entry per person. Max 6 to a team.

Winners double their money!

Station RdA very big thank you to SSE from Strathdearn for the great job they did repairing Station Road. Over the course of two days last week, the SSE crew upgraded the untarred track around the old railway station and down the side of the distillery. They filled in the potholes and ruts and when necessary, they paused work and moved their machinery to the side to allow access to locals. The job was completed in a professional and courteous manner without closing the road.

Strathdearn Development Company (SCD) supplied the materials and SSE provided men and equipment for free.

The job was organised by Jimmy Duncan as part of SCD's quick gains programme and Neil MacDonald handled it on behalf of SSE. Thanks to you both and all the SSE crew for the work and time involved in making this happen.

Station Road forms part of the Tomatin path network, connecting the bus stop on the A9 north to the village centre. It is now a much easier walking route, particularly for those with pushchairs.


MEETING on TUESDAY 11th December 2018





  1. Apologies for Absence.

  1. Declarations of Interest.

  1. Minutes of the Meeting of 13th November 2018.

  1. Matters Arising.

  1. Law and Order.

  1. Road Safety.

  1. Applications to the Strathdearn Community Charitable Trust.

  1. Planning Matters.

    1. Planning Application - Section 42 Application to remove Condition 1 from planning permisson 18/03180/FUL (occupancy restriction of pods).

  1. Windfarms.

    1. Planning and Construction.

    2. Community Benefit.

  1. Update from Strathdearn Community Developments.

  1. Feedback from the Secretary re: Community Council Scheme Review Event.

  1. Financial Report.

  1. Correspondence.

  1. Any Other Competent Business.

  1. Date of Next Meeting (8th January 2019).

Glen Fibre 02SCD is pleased to announce the completion of another phase in our project to improve broadband in the worst affected areas of Strathdearn. Work has been progressing throughout the summer and autumn to install fibre broadband cables to properties on the Glen road between Findhorn Bridge and Glenmazeran. Openreach informed us yesterday that they have completed the fibre connections to all properties in this phase of the project and property owners can now contact service providers.

This phase of the project was largely funded by the property owners themselves, with a generous grant from Strathdearn Community Charitable Trust and further contributions from Strathdearn Community Developments (SCD) and Inverness South Ward discretionary fund. We are very grateful to Councillor Andrew Jarvie for his help in procuring the discretionary fund grant.  

This project shows what can be done when people take responsibility for raising their own living standards. A fast digital connection is becoming essential for modern living. Congratulations to all participating property owners, you are now amongst the best connected in the country.

The project was managed by SCD and powered by James Macpherson! As with the Moy project, Openreach have been great to work with. The terrain up the Glen is pretty challenging and to finish ahead of schedule is excellent work. They have kept us fully informed throughout and dealt with problems quickly and thoroughly. However we are always looking to learn lessons which will help us manage similar schemes in the future so if there's anything Glen residents would like to tell us, good or bad, about the process so far, please contact Steve Cormack, or just flag down James on the road!

The Scottish government is due to make an announcement soon about its R100 scheme to bring superfast broadband to 100% of properties in Scotland. This will probably have a bearing on SCD's broadband strategy so we have put our plans on hold until the situation is clearer.

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