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Strathdearn Community Website

launch bannerWelcome to the new Strathdearn Community website.

A year ago, Strathdearn Community Developments decided to replace the old site.  There was an increased requirement to keep the community informed about many new exciting projects as well as a need for an online hall booking system and a facility for publicising plans, drawings and documents. We wanted to make this a genuinely useful resource for our community, the first place to turn to for local information.

The last twelve months has been spent planning, designing and building it with the patient and knowledgeable help of Sarah of Yellow Cherry Digital. All the useful features of the last website have been retained and many new ones added.

-- A section where you can find up-to-date info on bus timetables, bin-emptying schedules, school holidays, useful phone numbers, in fact any information YOU tell us YOU want.
-- A separate area for visitors and tourists. We will present Strathdearn as as a convenient in-the-country-but-near-the-city location, the best of both worlds - hunting, fishing and hillwalking plus theatre, shopping and kids entertainment.
-- You will be able to check availability and book the hall or covered sports area online.
-- A document management system which will act as a secure central storage area for all important documents. Different levels of password protected access will keep documents safe while allowing easy public viewing of maps, plans, minutes, etc.

In addition, there will be a new blog-style method of updating content (such as reports from the gardening, football and walking clubs) which will allow club members (if they wish) to directly upload their contributions and take control of their own pages - they can make them as colourful and detailed as they like. Every new item added to a group page is listed in chronological order, newest first, building up into an archive of the groups activities. Those clubs which regularly update their activities will also have their own 'channel' on the news feed.

I'm Steve Cormack, manager of the website. I'd like you to explore the menus, check out the new features, learn what's available.  All the functions are finished and ready to use although there are still some gaps in the content to be filled. This will be done over the next few weeks. If you spot a mistake or think of a way the site can be more useful, if you have a special interest or old photographs you want to share, if you have a service to offer or an announcement to make, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell me about it.

This is OUR website.  Let's make it work for us.

Book our Facilities

Use the online booking system to check availablity and request a booking for Tomatin Village Hall or the Sports Facility.

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