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wildlife findhorn bridgeThis post is to demonstrate the new blog-style lay-out of your club page. It will also appear in the news section.

At the top of the page is an introduction to your club - what you do, where and when you meet, and a little bit about yourselves. A potential new member seeking information will see this first. It is in your interest to keep it up-to-date and interesting. The introduction will remain at the top of the page regardless of any other articles that are posted.

You are invited to send in regular updates on the activities of your club which will be added as blog posts, similar to this one. It's up to you how often you do it, weekly, annually or occasionally, in advance or after an event. You can include photos or even video. The posts will appear below the introduction in chronological order, most recent first. It will make your page more interesting and dynamic, you'll be able to show potential members what you get up to, and it will build up into a historical record of your activities.


If you don't wish to send in updates, no problem. You will still have a club page (what you do, where & when you meet, etc) on the website which people can visit to access the basic information about your club. People will still be able to visit the website and find the basic information about your club. However those clubs which DO send in updates (at least twice a year, say) will have their own new feed in the 'News' menu.


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