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Defib01Strathdearn Medical Group recently purchased 2 defibrillators with money from the Charitable Trust. One will be situated in Moy when a suitable site has been secured. The other was today installed on the wall of the Millennium Hall, near the main door.

Please make yourself familiar with the location of this Automated External Defibrillation unit (AED). Every second is important in an emergency situation where someone is suffering a heart attack. In particular, people using the covered sports facility should take notice. Strenuous physical exercise can sometimes trigger these cardiac events.

The unit contains clear pictorial instructions to enable anyone to safely use the device, even without training. If someone in the vicinity suffers a heart attack, immediately ring 999 then open the box and follow the instructions. The wall-mounted box containing the AED is sealed. The seals can be easily broken but PLEASE DO NO BREAK THE SEALS EXCEPT IN AN EMERGENCY. An alarm will go off and the seals will have to be replaced and the equipment checked  at considerable expense to the community.

Liz Campbell of the Medical Group recently held a training night in the Hall where14 volunteers practised using the AED and other CPR techniques.

We'll publish similar information on the location of the Moy defibrillator once it's been installed. Watch this space!


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