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Millennium Hall and Sports Facility

Terms & Conditions


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The following conditions apply to all hiring(s) of the Strathdearn Millennium Hall and the Sports Facility (both inclusive of car park use);

  1. Strathdearn Millennium Hall and the Sports Facility is a totally non-smoking area.
  2. The hirer shall be over 18 years and shall be responsible for the supervision of the premises and behaviour of all persons using the premises.
  3. The hirer shall not use the premises for any other purpose other than that described in the booking form and shall not sub-hire the premises.
  4. No bikes or skateboards or any other wheeled vehicles are allowed to be taken into the Sports Facility.
  5. Appropriate footwear should be worn at all times during the usage of the Sports Facility.
  6. No alcohol, glass bottles or any forms of glass shall be brought into the Sports Facility.
  7. The sports facility can be used for the following activities; football, tennis, shinty, hockey, basketball, and fitness training.
  8. Fire regulations restrict the number of people in the hall at any one time to 80.
  9. All hirers must acquaint themselves with the contents of all safety notices posted within the hall and rooms.
  10. No candles or other naked flames are to be used within either of the facilities.
  11. Emergency exits have both visible neon and electrically lit signs, which must be switched on for each event. The switch is situated in the entrance vestibule. The hall is equipped with fire extinguishers and a fire hose. There is a fire blanket in the kitchen
  12. All hirers must ensure that any electrical equipment introduced to the hall on their behalf is certified and in good order. Hirers are expected to carry out a risk assessment of the activity for which they are hiring the hall.
  13. Consideration for neighbouring households must be given, regarding noise levels from both inside and outside the hall, and the Sports Facility
  14. Tables and chairs must be returned tidily to the storage area.
  15. Tables must be wiped clean of any spillages (black bin liners and cleaning equipment can be found in the cupboard in the kitchen)
  16. All rubbish must be taken away, and the area of hire swept and left clean for the next user (please note charges may apply should the hall not be left in a satisfactory manner. Please report any damage to the Hall Maintenance Manager immediately).
  17. The key must be returned to the key holder immediately after locking the hall unless otherwise arranged with the Hall Management Group.
  18. A first aid box is located in the kitchen. In the event of an accident hirers must complete the relevant section in the Community Hall’s accident book, in accordance with the Reporting Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences 1995 (RIDDOR)
  19. No animals are permitted on site (except assistive dogs). No animals whatsoever are to enter the kitchen at any time.
  20. The Hirer shall ensure that for any activities for children or protected adults have the appropriate checks, and have the correct disclosure. The Hirer shall provide the Community Hall Management with a copy of their disclosure upon request. Further information can be found at
  21. The Hirer shall ensure that if selling goods on the premises that they comply with Fair Trading Laws
  22. Weekday events in the Millennium Hall must finish by 1:30am, Saturday and Sunday events must finish by 11:45pm unless approval otherwise, in writing, by the Hall Management Group.
  23. Any property left on the premises is left at the owner’s own risk. Strathdearn Community Development does not take any responsibility for damaged or stolen items.
  24. The Hirer shall be liable for all claims, losses, damages and costs made against or incurred by Strathdearn Hall management team, their employees, volunteers, agents or invitees in respect of damage or loss of property or injury to persons arising as a result of the use of the premises (including the storage of equipment, use of car park and nuisance caused to a 3rd party) by the Hirer. The Hirer must have adequate insurance to cover such liability, and shall provide the Community Hall Management with a copy of insurance upon request.
  25. If accessing WIFI, users must ensure all activity is legal, respectful to others, and at a reasonable level of use. An Internet Usage Policy is located in Strathdearn Village Hall.
  26. If recorded music is to be played at the event, and the event is public (i.e. not a family or domestic gathering, such as parties and weddings) the organiser must obtain a PPL licence from Phonographic Performance Ltd, prior to the event. Please refer to  
  27. If alcohol is to be sold at the event, the organiser must obtain and display the appropriate licence Licences can be applied for online at:
    General Enquiries can be made to the Highland Council on 01349 886606
  28. You will be sent an invoice for the cost of hiring the hall.  This should be paid within 28 days of the invoice date.  In the event of a deposit having already been paid, your invoice will reflect this, and you will receive a cheque for any balance due to you (deposit less rental fee and any cost of damage repair)
  29. Any member of the Hall Management Group has authority to enter the hall and rooms during a function or event to ascertain compliance to these Conditions.
  30. The emergency exits are to be kept clear at all times.
  31. If the booking is cancelled within 7 days of the event, you will still be responsible for the cost of the hire of the hall.
  32. Acceptance of any booking is at the discretion of the Hall Management Group.


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