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Moy MattersThis page is for all matters of interest to Moy residents, and in particular the activities of the Moy Sub-committee.

The Moy Sub-committee has been established by Strathdearn Community Developments (SCD) with the specific purpose of identifying projects for funding through the Strathdearn share of the Moy Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund. A full explanation of Key Tasks, Membership and Governance can be read in the pdf Terms of Reference (493 KB) .

The present membership, as agreed at the the first meeting of the Moy Sub Committee on the 29th November 2017 :
   Marian Hendry - Chair
   Iain Macdonald - Vice-chair
   John Clarke
   Alastair Fraser
   Jimmy Duncan - Strathdearn Community Developments representative
   Margaret Saunders - Strathdearn Community Council representative
The committee members want you to keep in touch and share all your ideas for improving Moy - big or small.  Don't keep them all to yourself! You can submit a comment below or send them to:
   The Company Secretary
   Strathdearn Hall
   Tomatin IV13 7YN
Moy Sub-Committee has its own folder in the Document Library where you can find minutes of meetings, background documents and the latest reports.

News, articles, and comments submitted by the committee or any Moy resident will appear below in date order, most recent at the top. Please send contributions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Moy SwitchOnJust over a year ago, Moy voted to invest some of its wind farm money in upgrading broadband services in the area. Today that decision bears fruit as the first homes were connected to superfast fibre to the premise services, enjoying speeds of up to 76Mbps or even 300 Mbps if they choose. It is expected that by the end of December, every premise in Moy will be ready to connect to this service, making it one of the very first rural communities in the United Kingdom to have access to such speeds.

In early 2016. Strathdearn Community Council commissioned the Cadispa Trust to ask the people of Moy and district how money from Moy wind farm should be spent. Every household was sent a questionnaire, and a lack of decent broadband services was identified as a major concern. Strathdearn Community Developments Company investigated the available options, including wireless services via satellite or mobile phone, but concluded that the fastest, most reliable and future-proof solution was fibre cable.

SCD director James Macpherson took responsibility for this project and major credit is due to him for the speed and efficiency with which it moved forward. Under James' guidance, SCD agreed a contract with  Openreach to install fibre cable to 3 cabinets around the Moy area. Broadband would then be supplied to premises via the existing copper phone lines, which would vastly improve speeds, particularly for those closest to the cabinets. However before work had begun, Openreach came back to us with an even better offer - for the same cost they would supply a fibre cable connection directly to every house, bringing even faster speeds to every single premise no matter how distant from the main cable. This offer was possible due to better methods of armouring the fibre cable which did away with the need for expensive ducting. After further consultation with Moy folk, SCD gladly accepted this order.

Since then Openreach have been a permanent feature of the Moy landscape, with vans on every corner and engineers calling at every home. The project has thrown up a few challenges but both Openreach engineers and Moy residents have been very complimentary about each other for their cooperation in overcoming obstacles and getting the job done. Last week the first batch of premises were informed their cables were 'live' and they could go ahead and make a contract with a service providers, either BT or Zen, and today the first routers were connected. Listen ... can you hear the champagne corks popping ...!

SCD have heard today from Openreach that a further 19 premises in the main Moy area will be informed tomorrow that they their cables are live and ready to be connected. The expectation is that Lynebeg will hear the same next week, and Ruthven/Dalmagarry the week after.

SCD would particularly like to thank Openreach manager Robert Thorburn, and chief engineer Robert Williamson for their hard work in making this success possible. They have been unstinting  with their time and expertise - from advising about the project in general to quickly and promptly addressing the concerns of individual householders. SCD are now investigating extending this scheme in the Glenmazeran area and look forward to continuing this mutually beneficial partnership.

Advice for Moy residents about switching to ultrafast broadband can be found HERE.

[James Macpherson resigned from SCD and the broadband project is now managed by Steve Cormack, to whom any enquiries should be directed via the community website]

PartyTimeInMoyOpenreach have been working for the last few weeks to connect all premises in the Moy area to the new superfast fibre cable. Households and businesses will be able to choose broadband packages offering speeds of 40, 80 and even 300 Mbps. Compare this with existing speeds of between zero and 2Mbps! 
Openreach will work their way along the main cable, connecting up groups of premises as they go. The first premises are due to be connected in mid to late October, and all premises should be connected by Christmas. It is therefore time for Moy residents to think about choosing a service provider for the new superfast service. Here's a simple guide :
At the moment your service provider for basic broadband is probably BT or Plusnet. They supplied the router you are using in your home. Once the new fibre cable is connected to your house, you will need to take out a contract with a service provider who can supply the new fibre to the premises broadband. For the time being there are only 2 companies who can do this : BT and Zen. They will supply new routers which can handle the superfast speeds.
Here are a couple of links to start you off. :
You will need to check the deal each company is offering and decide which one suits you best. Service providers constantly change the terms and prices of their packages so you should check carefully that you are getting the best deal. At the moment, both BT and Zen will supply the new router for free when you sign a contract with them.
The new service will be a little more expensive than the basic broadband deal you have now but the speed of your broadband will be far, far faster. However bear in mind that there is no compulsion to switch to the new service. Your existing basic broadband service will still be available through the existing phone line and you can keep using it as long as you like, and only switch to the new fibre to the premise service at your convenience.
 Some of you Moy folk have been spotted parked outside Strathdearn Hall, using the wifi there to catch up on urgent business. Soon the tables will be turned. You'd better remember to enable the password on your new superfast router, or you might look out your window to find the rest of Strathdearn parked outside your house!

I am thinking of hosting an Essential Oil class for my friend Carly at my home and would like to see if any one from Moy would be interested in attending.   The Essential oils that Carly uses are the only Certified Pure essential oils in the world and they can be used to help us heal our bodies & emotions.  The evening or day would be really relaxed and you get to experience lots of the oils.

I am thinking of a Friday evening or Saturday morning. If anyone is interested in attending please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

eskyMissing from Moy - small black neutered male cat 'Esky'. Last seen on Thursday 24th November. All black except for a small white star on his chest. Only other distinguishing feature is a kink in his tail. Microchipped. Much loved and speedy return hoped for. Any sightings or information gratefully received.

Charlotte and Nick. Moy Mains Farm This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

MOY BBPlease see the letter below to all Moy residents. Moy residents are strongly encouraged to register for a Better Broadband voucher. The aim is to get as many properties as possible to sign up to help minimise the cost of this project for the community. It is important that even non-internet users register so our community can save the maximum amount of money. The vouchers have to be applied for as part of a scheme rather than on an individual basis.

Dear Moy residents,

After overwhelming support for Option 2: BT Openreach solution, SCD are now collecting the information for the Better Broadband voucher scheme.
Each household may be entitled to a £350 government funded voucher, which will be used towards the BT Openreach solution in Moy.
If you would like to register your details, and reduce the costs of improving broadband in Moy, please could one member of each household email Victoria at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following details:

1st name and surname, address (with postcode) and email address.

The information will be passed to BT and they will register it, and then pass this on to the government (this information will not be given to any other party).

Registration for the voucher is an important part of the project, so please could I ask any Moy resident to pass this information on to others, and I will try to contact as many residents as possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information.
Many thanks,
Victoria Scdc

Moy BBAt a vote after the Cadispa report on Monday 14th November, Moy residents voted almost unanimously for Option 2 which is the BT Openreach option. In addition, there were 3-4 who could not make the meeting who also voted for option 2.

Option 2 – BT Openreach:

Strathdearn Community Developments has also been in touch with BT Openreach directly. The Openreach proposal would be to install 3 new Fibre cabinets subject to survey and planning agreement, one at Dalmagarry (delivering to properties estimated speeds between 1.6-60.2mbps) and 2 cabinets in Moy (24.7 –80.0mbps and 27.8 –42.6mbps).

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