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This nation-wide company organises people in the same area to buy their heating oil as a 'club'. Someone has already created 'The Tomatin Heating Oil Club' (encompases all of Strathdearn) and people on the Strathdearn Facebook page claim they have achieved substantial savings by using this service. It's free to join and you can check the price they offer before you commit to buy anything, so what's to lose? Next time you need to buy heating oil, phone around to establish the best price avalable, then click this link and see if the Oil Sharing Club can offer you a better price.Their minimum order is 500 litres.

UPDATE : On 09/01/17, I phoned 3 local suppliers and their prices ranged from 44.5/litre to 46.6p/litre. The oil sharing club price is 42.1p/litre ...... a 5.4% saving.


The Tomatin Heating Oil Club

Here's a quote from their website :

"Reduce the cost of your heating oil.
The cost of keeping your home warm is expensive despite the drop in Crude oil prices. How can The Oil-Club help? Not only do we group your order with others in your local club but we also group other clubs' orders around you! Therefore a club with 6,000 to 10,000 litres will be joined with other local clubs in a delivery area to make one large bulk order. The results are orders of hundreds of thousands of litres at a time. We request pricing from companies who deliver in your area, ensuring you receive the best deal. As our membership grows so does the negotiating power of the club. In many areas we now order twice a month and in some areas three times a month during the busier months, ensuring you never need to miss out on a group order. The club can help your own cash flow by allowing you to order smaller amounts four times a year but still benefit from the bulk pricing."

If you register with the club, they send you regular emails telling you the price/litre if you order within the next 7 days. If you need oil, I recommend you phone round 3 or 4 local oil suppliers and compare their prices with the Oil Sharing Club

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