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WRT logoIt is essential that we create an ongoing income to cover the running costs of our various projects when the wind farm money dries up. Because the Development Company is a registered charity, it cannot make a profit from commercial enterprises. Therefore a separate trading company has been set up to handle those areas which provide an income.

The name "White Water Trading" comes from the English translation of the Gaelic word "Findhorn." We chose a 'friendly' name rather because it was felt that there were already too many local organisations called "Strathdearn ..." this or that. People already confuse them without adding to the problem.

At present, WRT handles income from hire of Strathdearn Hall and the adjacent covered sports facility, plus sales from Tomatin Village Shop which was taken over by SCD in 2016 to prevent its closure. The shop will transfer to the New Community Hub in 2018 where we hope to grow and offer a wider range of goods and services thus encouraging the use of the shop and hall for locals and visitors.   

The company (in 2017) employs 7 members of staff, including part time shop workers. Some of these posts are funded by DTAS.

WRT has a Board of two directors, who sit on the SCD Board to oversee WRT Business

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