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Survey on the distribution of the Moy Wind Farm community benefit fund
The preferences of Local People -- September 2016

The people of Moy are invited to a Presentation of this Report by CADISPA, and discussion of its findings, at a special meeting organised by Strathdearn Community Council on:

Wednesday 16th November
at 7pm in the Strathdearn Hall

Following on from the close of this meeting, Strathdearn Community Developments will meet with the residents of Moy to discuss Broadband options, and whether the Moy community wish to progress these further.

The Executive Summary of the CADISPA Report states that:
The aim of this research was to conduct a needs survey of the residents of Moy, to allow the Community Benefit Monies generated from the Moy wind farm to be distributed in a way which is evidence-based, transparent and fair. Working closely with the Moy steering group, CADISPA employed a model of place-based research which balanced quantitative and qualitative methodology to provide a broad evidence base.
A questionnaire, designed to capture the views and opinions of local people was distributed to all residents (92 in total), 35% of which were returned. The qualitative research took the form of a World Café event and focus groups and allowed a platform for Moy residents to have open and honest discussion about various aspects of life within their community.
This Executive Summary details the recommendations of the CADISPA team. In the list below, no recommendation is more important that another. It was not possible for CADISPA to prioritise which recommendations are more important than others. This is for the Moy community to decide.

Moy MattersBroadband Upgrade:
Further negotiations with BT to determine the best and most efficient way to improve the current broadband services
Community to determine total costs of the work and consider whether any of it can be contracted locally

Investigate a Community Transport Scheme:
Determine what the residents of Moy would want from a scheme of this kind in order to ensure any future project had maximum impact
Strathdearn Community Developments to identify the best way to engage with the local community regarding this matter
Previous transport schemes/ existing schemes in other areas to be assessed to get an understanding of potential costings

Establish a Community Improvement and Maintenance Plan
Consult community to gain an insight into areas which need improvements and to ultimately establish an overall plan
The plan would identify the short term and long term upgrade and maintenance needs and could rank these by their level of need
Explore whether there could be a platform (perhaps online) where residents can report issues in the area to ensure the plan is continually updated

Bolster Community Spirit- Investigate Potential Options for a Community Hub
Consult community to determine whether a community hub would be utilised and if so what form they suggest it should take
Source examples of other community hubs to be researched to gain an understanding as to the different forms these could take
Arrange Moy only events and community activities to help bring community together and bolster community spirit

Implement Future Proofing Measures
Investigate opportunity to introduce energy efficiency measures and micro-renewables to Moy households
Explore the possibility of a survey which measures the usage and efficiency of the homes within Moy
Analyse the current costs of the Strathdearn Home Carer Service, currently in place for the elderly, to project potential future costs (if the programme was to be extended in the future)
Examine the potential support for the installation of a defibrillator in Moy and in particular consider the potential options for housing the device.

The full CADISPA Survey Report may be accessed on the Strathdearn Website HERE (link coming shortly).

FluJabThe flu clinic is running on wed 2nd November in the hall 10 till 12 where everyone who is eligible for a vaccine  can come along and have tea coffee shortbread n the vaccine .

This has proved a very successful clinic in the past and we want to encourage more folk to attend .

There will also be Shingles and Pnemococcal vacines available on the day for those who require them.

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An exciting new post* has arisen to work as an administrative assistant in Strathdearn Community Development Company and White River Trading.

The position on offer is a 10hr per week post, with flexible working hours, particularly focusing on communications and social media.  Working closely with existing members of staff and Directors of the company, the individual will be creative, have a keen eye for detail, and have a knowledge of social media and marketing, or a willingness to learn.

Please send a CV and covering letter detailing any relevant experience to the Strathdearn Community Development Administrative Assistant at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or alternatively place in the post box at the Village Hall.

Closing date for CV’s is 10th October 2016

*The post is funded by the Scottish Government, so all CVs submitted will be considered on a conditional bases of grant approval.

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