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Newsletter MastheadGreat news!

All issues of Strathdearn Newsletter will soon be available on this website.

Since the first copy was printed in 2000, the newsletter has been distributed free to every household in Strathdearn. The vast majority of those issues went on to light fires or line cat litter trays and were lost for ever. However Jean Macrae of Tomatin saved nearly every issue and was good enough to lend her collection for scanning. Those issues (2000 - 2007) can be viewed here. The remaining issues (2008 - present) will be converted directly from the original digital documents and will soon be added to the archive.

SCD LogoVariation 08Since the last newsletter, we've held our AGM, hosted an open meeting, taken over the shop, employed two more people, and made progress on all our projects.

The Strathdearn Carers  project has been running for over a year now and is a great success. SCD contributed the initial start-up costs but it is now self-supporting, receiving funds through the NHS Direct Payments scheme. As well as benefiting an increasing number of residents who receive care in their own homes, the scheme provides seven jobs for locals who have been trained up as Carers. The Medical Group led by Liz Campbell with Lead SCD Director Frank Roden, hopes to soon have funding for a defibrillator unit which will further contribute to the health and safety of Strathdearn residents, and is looking into the possibility of setting up a local Home Help scheme.

The medical group in conjunction with the development company and with the possible funding from the charitable trust are purchasing a defibrillator which will be placed either at the Hall or the sports centre

Training will be given to a group of around 20 people at a time by the charity Lucky2Bhere who will be supplying the defib.

If you are interested in the training (it's free) please contact me to put your name on a list either on 01808 511235, or 07751 207235. A date has not been arranged yet as we are waiting on confirmation of funding .

Download the Feasibility Study for Community Facilities by clicking the link below.

At the Strathdearn Estate and Business meeting on 11th August 2015, concern was raised about the poor broadband speed, which is particularly bad up the glen towards Coignafearn.

As a frequent broadband user myself, and with a young family who always seem to want to watch things like Netflix and BBC iPlayer (often at the same time!), I realised that something needs to be done to improve the service not just at the top of the glen but throughout the whole of Strathdearn.

In recent weeks I have spoken to Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) and BT; both organisations have been extremely helpful in informing me of the current situation and the potential solutions:

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