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Tomatin & District Gardening Club - Strathdearn Flower Show Saturday 3rd September 2011

At our show there is a class for everyone, no matter what your interest, and we look forward to your entry.

Please support The Strathdearn Flower Show, it is a restricted show to take account of our difficult growing conditions. So let's have a bit of local competition and support the Gardening Club's effort to make it even better than before.


The 2011 Flower Show Schedule

Baking & Produce Section

1) 1 Victoria sponge (jam filling, undecorated) 2) 3 Shortbread fingers 3) 3 Pancakes 4) 3 Fruit scones 5) 3 Oatcakes 6) 3 Cherry buns 7) 4 Squares tablet 8) 1 Decorated cake for bonfire night 9) 1 Jar Raspberry Jam 10) 1 Jar Strawberry Jam 11) 1 Jar Blackcurrant Jam 12) 1 Jar Marmalade 13) 1 Jar Jelly (any variety) 14) 1 Jar Lemon Curd 15) 1 Jar Chutney - Any Variety 16) 1 White loaf (2 lb tin)

Art Section (any medium)

1) Flower 2) Portrait of a person 3) Movement in water 4) Local building 5) Landscape

Children's Sections (8 Yrs & under, 9 -12 Yrs)

1) Animal made from fruit and/or vegetables 2) Egg Cup Flower Display 3) Garden in a Tray no bigger than 15" x 10" 4) Grown from seed, bulb or tuber by Me 5) Painting or drawing of a flower or flowers - A4 size or less 6) Photography - Your Choice- (Mounted see notes) 7) Challenge Potato crop from one seed potato. Seed potato will be provided by the Gardening Club. Entrants to sow seed potato in own pot and compost.


1) Exhibit of Patchwork and/or Quilting 2) Exhibit of Knitting 3) Exhibit of Embroidery, Cross Stitch, or Tapestry 4) Exhibit of Crochet 5) Any craft (other than above)

Photography (mounted - see Notes on Exhibits)

1) River Findhorn 2) A butterfly 3) Clouds 4) Transport 5) A garden flowerbed 6) 3 pictures telling a story on an A4 sheet

Floral Art

1) Single Colour Arrangement (to be viewed all round) 2) Foliage arrangement maximum 18" (to be viewed from front) 3) Arrangement in teacup and saucer 4) Harvest Arrangement for dining table (less than 12").

Flower Section

1) 5 Sweet Peas - Mixed 2) 5 Sweet Peas - same colour 3) 3 Antirrhinums 4) 3 Carnations/Pinks 5) 3 Calendula (Marigold) Stems 6) 3 French Marigold Heads 7) 3 Pansy*Heads - Same Colour 8) 3 Pansy* Heads - Different colours (*note pansy not viola) 9) 1 Rose Stem - Single Bloom 10) 3 Rose Stems - Floribunda 11. 1 Rose Bloom - for scent 12) 3 Fuchsia Heads - same colour 13) 3 Fuchsia Heads - different colours 14) 1 standard Fuchsia 150) Fuchsia - up to 7" pot 16) Fuchsia - over 7" pot 17) 3 Begonia Heads 18) 3 Dahlia Stems 19) 1 Vase - 4 Herbaceous Perennial Stems same species and variety 20) 1 Vase - 4 Herbaceous Perennial Stems mixed species 21) 1 Vase - 4 Annual Stems same species and variety 22) 1 Vase - 4 Annual Stems mixed species 23) 1 Vase - 4 stems of flowering shrubs 24) 1 Pot Plant - Flower 25) 1 Pot Plant - Foliage 26) Planted Container.

Vegetable Section

1) 1 Cabbage 2) 1 Cauliflower 3) 3 Carrots 4) 3 Onions 5) 2 Leeks 6) 3 Potatoes - White 7) 3 Potatoes - Coloured 8) 3 Beetroot 9) 2 Turnips 10) 1 Lettuce 11) 3 Tomatoes 12) 2 Courgettes 13) 1 Pepper - any colour 14) Basket of 5 kinds of Vegetable not decorated. 15) Any other Vegetable 16) Display of 5 different cut Culinary Herbs 17) Parsley grown in pot 18) 3 beans - any variety


1.) The entry Fee in all sections is 20p up to a maximum of £5.00. Thereafter free. Entries for the children's section are 10p 2.) Children's entries. Must state age on all labels 3.) Exhibitors are limited to one entry per class. 4.) Each entry must have a label attached- available on the morning of the show or from Club Members. 5.) 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will be awarded in all classes at the judges' discretion. Prizes may be withheld or modified if the exhibits are considered to be below standard. 6.) All entries must conform to display requirements 7.) No produce to be removed until after 3.30pm.

The Judges decision is final in all matters.

Display Requirements

Flower Section

Flower head to be displayed on a black card. You can, for example, utilise a tinfoil tray with a piece of cardboard glued on top so your flower head can be in water. Roses: single Bloom means large flowered HT type rose, may have bud on stem. Floribunda means cluster flowered rose.

Vegetable Section

Carrots to be trimmed back to at least 1" of foliage. Tomatoes must be displayed with calyces. Onion tops to be tied or whipped using string. Lettuce - roots may be wrapped in plastic. Leave some outer leaves on Cabbages. All entries in vegetable section to be displayed on paper plate as provided.

Photography Section

Photographs to be mounted on a card or board not exceeding 9" x 7" and exhibitors name & address on reverse of card. Exhibits may be pinned or bluetacked.

Baking & Produce Section: Jams- all jars must be full, Bread should be baked the day before the show.

Prizes may be withheld or modified if exhibits are considered unworthy of the prize offered.

Potato Challenge

The Challenge is to grow a crop of potatoes for exhibition at the Strathdearn Flower Show. A seed potato will be supplied to Primary School Pupils with pointers regarding sowing, growing and watering. Entrants use own pot and compost. We are looking forward to a large entry in this section which will have special awards and prizes. As this is a special section, points will not be awarded towards the Jubilee Cup.


The Strathdearn Trophy to the exhibitor with the most overall points. The Commemorative Shield to the winner of the Flower Section. The J M Gleeson Quaich to the winner of the Vegetable Section. The National Wind Power Rose Bowl to the winner of the Floral Art Section. The Carillion Trophy to the winner of the Baking & Produce Section. The United Utilities Trophy to the winner of the Painting Section. The Silver Salver to the winner of the Handicraft Section. The Neil Thomson Shield to the winner of the Photography Section The Jubilee Cup to the exhibitor with the most points in the Children's Section. The Millennium Trophy (Donated by Strathdearn Community Council) will be awarded to a different Section each year as follows: 2011- Vegetable, 2012- Photography and 2013- Children's, 2014 Floral Art, 2015 Flowers, 2016 Baking and Produce, 2017 Handicrafts, 2018 Photography. The Rose Cup to the winner of flower Class 11, The Rose Bloom for Scent.

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