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Cleaned signageStrathdearn Community Developments Co. has begun the 'Small Wins' programme which we announced some time ago. The idea is to tackle smaller jobs which will have an immediate benefit for our community but don't require all the planning and permissions of a bigger project.

In response to comments from several people about the state of signage in the area we employed local window cleaner Myles Evans & Co. Ltd to clean 12 signs in the Strathdearn area (see below) and all of the windows at the Millennium hall at a cost of £165. This was completed on the 16th March 2018.

Most of the signs came up well however, some had a surface that was disintegrating - the three signs marked with an asterisk in the list below were notified as being the worst. These have been reported to the Highland Council and a response is expected by the 05/04/2018, the community council have also been notified of this action.

Tomatin Signs

  1. Large sign at the main entrance to Tomatin from the A9 (southbound)
  2. Small sign on the left at the main entrance to Tomatin from the A9 (southbound)*
  3. Small sign on the right coming in to the village before the Glen Road (northbound)
  4. Welcome to Tomatin coming in to the village after the Glen Road (northbound)
  5. Small sign on the way to Raigbeg, just past the wooden bridge and at the sign to Balvraid.

Glen Road Sign

  1. Garbole/Coignafearn*


  1. Small Raigbeg & Balvraid signs on the right hand junction coming in to the village before the Glen Road (northbound)*
  2. Small Balvraid sign on the right just next to Old Mill Road in the village (southbound)
  3. Raigbeg & Balvraid road sign on the left just before the shop and Old Mill Road in the village (southbound)?
  4. Small Balvraid sign just past Raigbeg.


  1. Northbound
  2. Southbound

Strathdearn Hall

Steve Culeen has removed the wooden sign outside the hall so that it can be dried out, cleaned up and re-varnished.

Other Small Gains projects in the pipeline

Station Road pot-holes

We are very grateful to SSEN (Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks) for offering us a 'volunteering day,' whereby personnel from the company provide a day's labour to help the community in some way. SCD suggested that the potholes on Station Road could be filled in as this was highlighted as a problem at the community council meetings.

Neil Macdonald, Site Construction Manager at the Tomatin substation, and the Construction Manager of Amey are happy to help for 8 hours with manpower and the use of equipment (which they don’t normally offer) and they hope to provide a motorised roller and possibly a mini digger.

Due to the weather they won’t be able to commence until April 2018. On Monday 19th March they visited the site and plan to meet with SCD Director Jimmy Duncan to discuss any further requirements.

Once a date has been agreed then SCD will purchase 20 tonnes of 20mm stone & dust scaplings (as recommended by the quarry) at a cost of £17.31 a tonne + VAT = £415 including delivery from Daviot quarry. The company can turn around a delivery in a day.

planter 01Flower Planters

SCD will buy 4 timber planters and 1 hanging column planter which will be sited at the shop and hall. Carol James, Chair of the Strathdearn gardening club, has agreed to look after these floral arrangements. Moy sub-committee is investigating purchasing similar installations for the Moy area. Once the total number is settled, the planters will be ordered and hopefully be in place six weeks later.

Future projects

If you have any ideas for future 'Small Wins' projects, please let us know.

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